Thursday, April 13, 2006

Roman libim amre bhaaso likkeththak - 2

K.V. Pathy aiyaan ella notation mogo dhaddiriyaas. tella Et dEras.


Sri. K.V. Pathy has sent me this document with slightly different notation. Please look into this also.


SOURASHTRAM written in Roman Script

From a posting by Mr.OSS

a aa i ii u uu e ee ai o oo au
k kh g gh n (a dot is to be placed above n)
c ch j jh n (a ~ s is to be placed on n)
T Th D Dh N
t th d dh n
p ph b bh m
y r l v s ( a slanting dash is to be placed on s)
sh s h L ksh

(a special sign is available to indicate this half h)

1. Another Special sign - The 'a' sound in the word ' CAT' is used for denoting honorific past tense Example - tenu avyaasi (THEY CAME)

2. haa ( a dot above the semi circle placed over haa gives nasal sound and it indicates question) Example - jiyaashaa (whether they went?)


dhairiyankan amre vattaamus likkoo. likkeyo phiir cevdi savoo. uccarippu serko se haa meni siiluvoo. dii vaaL meni siyeti koon’ ka’ OR ‘kha’ OR ‘ga ‘OR ‘gha’ takatte menatte kaLaiyaayi.

kaam=work khaa=eat gaam=town (in Hindi it is village) ghaam=beat

nuru=foam nhuru=baby rhaa=remain mhaLi=fish lhekko=account

I would like to use Sourashtra Script (which T.M.Rama Rai used) only. There are variations of Sourashtra Script. The one printed in 1876 and the Script used by Kavi Venkatasuri Swamin (author of Sourashtra Sangita Ramayana) are different.

To use Devanagari Script, we require few more signs to indicate short form of 'e' and 'o', aspirated forms of nh, mh, rh,lh, and to indicate the sound of 'a' in the word CAT. By evolving special signs we can write Sourashtra Language in Devanagari Script, but we lose our distinct identity of “Sourashtra.” We will be grouped with Marathi,konkani, khatri etc. Because they also use Devanagari Script. After using this modified devanagari for Sourashtra Language, when you write Hindi language you may commit mistakes.That is why I do not support use of Devanagari Script for our language.

Instead we can very well use Tamil Script with superscript Nos. 2,3,and 4 for the five consonants k,c,T,t,p. If you feel awkward to use Tamil Script with superscript Nos. then you better use Roman Script with diacritic marks

From a posting by Mr.Vishvesh Obla

I use Tamil fonts to communicate in Tamil and I feel we could use the same kind of (Roman) scripting to communicate in our language. It also solves some of the difficulties of a few letters with special signs as tildes and also with numbers that need to be used with our conventional script.

The longer form can always be represented by a capital. For example, ‘a’naa (in Tamil) would be represented by small ‘a’ in English and ‘aa’vanna would be by capital ‘A’. We could use the same way to write in our language too.

I will make a brief note of what I thought could be used for convenient communication through a computer or even writing on a paper. If we can standardize such easy scripting, we could encourage writing in our language which would lead to the next step of using
our own script.

(Please note that you cannot start a sentence in capital letters (as we use conventionally), for a capital letter would assign the specific letter a different sound)

a, A, i, I, u, U, e, E, ai, o, O, ou, ak

k, kA, ki, kI, ku, kU, kai, ko, kO, kau

cha, chA, chi, chI…………………………

da, dA,di, dI…………….. (kadavu – Tamil, dosko – sourashtra, head)

ta, tA, ti, tI………… (katavuL - Tamil, padam – sourashtra, film)

la, lA, li, lI……………. (illai – Tamil, phalcho – sourashtra, later)

La, LA,Li,LI………….. (katavuL, kuLLi – sourashtra, short girl)
za, zA…………(pazam – Tamil, pozho – Sourashtra, fruit)

pa, pA…………….(pozho, as above)

ph, phA…………… (as in phUl, phalAr - sourashtra, flower) (Note that the ‘ph’ is not a regular Tamil word but the letter ‘h’ is used to soften the ‘p’ sound to the Sanskrit sound ‘ph’; we can use such adaptations easily for unique sourashtra sounds).

na, nA ………. ( kanavu – Tamil, anger – Sourashtra, grandparents house)

nha, nhA……… ( vandhanam – Tamil (?), kanhdho – sourashtra, onion)

(we would have a difficulty with the above word for sounds like ‘nanno’ meaning small in sourashtra. We could try for an alternative like ‘nhha’ for the ‘na’ and ‘ha’ sounds combined. We could possibly use ‘nhhanno’ for small in sourashtra)

Na, NA, Ni, NI……… (vaNdi – T amil, boNdi – Sourashtra, vehicle)

Special characters could be easily used too. ng could be used for anger (grand parents house).

More examples : allo (ginger) and Angu (body) ; ikko (how much) and vIlto (evening); unto (round) and elle (this)